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Holistic Doctor

for Your

Health & Wellbeing

Body, Mind & Soul

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About Me

Stéphanie van Hilten

I am a holistic doctor who focuses on someone’s entire being: body, mind and soul. It is my mission to help people remember the unity and wholeness within themselves. Only when you remember the totality of your being, can you fully embody your purest essence.

I have extensive experience in helping clients regain their health and wellbeing. My personalized and unique holistic approach is based on integrative, lifestyle and orthomolecular & nutritional medicine as well as energy therapy. I strongly believe in identifying and transforming limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns to come to lasting and sustainable changes in your life. A tailor-made plan also includes nutritional and lifestyle advice to support self-healing.

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My Approach

Every consultation is unique and personalized

Overall, my approach is based on the following six elements,

all of which support the self-healing capacity:

01. Body, Mind & Soul

Your entire being.

04. Orthomoleculair Medicine

Use of nutrients and other natural substances to support the body.

02. Integrative Medicine

Combination of conventional and complementary therapies.

05. Energy Therapy

Everything is energy.

03. Lifestyle Medicine

Preventing and reversing chronic diseases by addressing the root causes.

06. Limiting Beliefs & Behavior

Identifying and transforming limiting beliefs and coping mechanisms.

Treatment Options

Tailor-Made Treatments

Below are the different treatment options that I offer. A combinatoin of two or all three options is also possible.


Consultation with Tailor-Made Plan

I offer individual therapy sessions that are tailored to your specific needs while taking your entire being (body, mind & soul) into account. My approach is unique and holistic, utilizing integrative, lifestyle and orthomolecular medicine as well as energy therapy to help you regain your health and wellbeing.


Multidimensional Healing

During a multidimensional healing journey you regain insights in traumas, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and destructive behaviors. It is as if a light is shone on your subconsciousness; what lies hidden in de shadows comes to light. Everything that comes up is ready to be transformed which I will guide you through during the session.


Energy Transmission

A multidimensional energy transmission supports you in experiencing your own unique totality and allows you to step into your unique potential. It elevates your consciousness. Other things that can result from a muldtidimensional energy transmission are insights, visions and deep healing as well as letting go of trapped emotions, maladaptive coping strategies, limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns.


Leyla de H.

“I am so grateful.. for the beautifiul and extraodinary healing that I've received from Stéphanie! We focussend on a painful spot on my back that kept coming back. Stéphanie takes you on an energetical inner journey to discover what the root cause of the pain is. It was something I didn't expect.. and which was very sad and confronting. However, dear Stéphanie guided me warmly and lovingly with here clairvoyance and clairsentience, and together we healed a trauma of my 3 year old self! No words can describe how extremely healing and powerful this was!! Thank you!! I would love to return for another healing.

Louise T.

“Dear Stéphanie, thank you! I experienced an amazing healing journey with you. You guide gently and lovingly during the personal process towards a higher consciousness. With your experience, you can take into account the totality of everyone's being like no other and see body, soul and spirit as one. Thanks again!
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