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My Unique Approach

Body, Mind & Soul
The Greek word holos means all-encompasing or whole. The holistic approach recognizes the connection between your thoughts, emotions, and physical health as well as your spiritual and energetic wellbeing. Healing and lasting changes are achieved by identifying and intervening at the core of the problem(s). A variety of therapies and techniques are used, tailored to the individual, to restore all aspects of health and wellbeing.
Integrative medicine combines conventional and complementary therapies to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. It uses evidence-based treatments that focus on optimizing health and wellbeing.

The lifestyle medicine approach focuses on preventing and reversing chronic diseases by addressing the root causes. I work with you to create a personalized plan that includes nutrition, as well as other lifestyle interventions.

My orthomolecular and nutritional medicine approach uses nutrients and other natural substances, like herbs and plants, to optimize your body's biochemical processes and self-healing capabilities. Together we create a tailored plan to restore your health which includes nutritional, as well as other lifestyle advice to support your body in regaining it's optimal function.

We are multidimensional beings, we are a soul in a human body. Multidimensionality refers to your human self as well as your higher self. By working from a multidimensional perspective I aim to align your higher beings (the ‘you’ from higher dimensions) with your human being and also to heal what is standing in the way of completely embodying all aspects of yourself.

During our lifes we face challenges from which we can learn and grow. Everyone experiences trauma in their lifetime, one more than the other. We develop or inherit (from our parents or other ancestors) certain patterns, coping mechanisms, beliefs, and behaviors that do not serve us anymore at a certain point in our lifes. By working from a multidimensional perspective that what wants to be healed becomes visible at the right time.

During sessions, I will guide you to identify and transform limiting beliefs and coping mechanisms that are holding you back from achieving your highest potential. I use a variety of techniques, such as multidimensional healings and energy transmissions, to help you break free from negative thought patterns and limiting behavior. This reliefs your physical, emotional and mental symptoms as well as positive influences your energy level. All of which enables you to step into your highest potential.
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